Jackson Supreme Low Cut LCF Black Sole Figure Skate Boot


  • Jackson Support Rating: Strong Support – Level 80
    • Skate’s weight is reduced by 20% over traditional models
    • For all skaters seeking greater flexibility, including Dance & Synchro skaters
    • Designed based on our successful Elite 4500 pattern with a lower boot height and a unique, flexible tongue
    • Made with black Carbon fiber soles; reduces weight, is water and torque resistant; rubber layer provides non-slip blade mount and shock absorption.
    • Asymmetric flex points for inside and outside ankle areas, provides better flexibility and support
    • Extra wrap in ankle area, angled hooks and set back lace holes help secure feet for better stability and control while virtually eliminating lace bite
    • Rolled topline for flex comfort
    • Soft collar is less irritating for Achilles tendons
    • Antibacterial lining made of perforated microfiber allows for better air flow, eliminating odors


  • Women’s
    Size: 4 – 10 Full & half
    Width:  AA, A, B, C, D

Please send your measurements for sizing.

We’ve removed the option to select a specific skate size from our online ordering system for all competitive level skates. In order to provide the best possible fit we require information about foot shape, foot length and skating level. This information will be assessed by our professionals who will recommend a model and skate size in the brand you have chosen. For those who wish to reorder the same boot and blades this option is also available.


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