KOTAPE Pattern Sheets



KOTAPE will protect and preserve your skates against scratches, dirt and damage from your blade. This will keep them looking new.

How to install REQUIRED OBJECTS * kotape Pattern * Isopropyl Alcohol Buffer * Pair of Scissors * Hair Dryer (Optional) DIRECTIONS FOR KOTAPE APPLICATION Surface preparation * Make sure your hands and the surface are dry and clean. * Clean surface with pad provided. KOTAPE APPLICATIONS * Apply the exterior side of the pattern on the outside of the skate. * Heat the film for about 30 seconds.

* Center the Kotape pattern with height and width of the skate before sticking with the pattern in your hand. * Preferably the tape should be applied from the center. With your thumb light pressure towards ouside edges. If there are air bubbles or folds under the kotape, lightly lift the edge of the tape and pull lightly and reapply pressure. Stretch the tape around the toe area so that it does not pleat or fold.

* Cut the excess with scissors. * For best results, heat the applied KOTAPE with a hair dryer and smooth with your fingers.

Pattern Size

Medium Up to Adult Size 7.5, Large Adult Size 8-10

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