Jel Lace Bite Single Sleeve


Single Sleeve only (Purchase 2 if needing a pair)

Single Sleeve 

The Lace Bite Protector is a soft, comfortable, stretchable surgical fabric sleeve. This unique device is designed to position and hold our patented Polymer Gel Pad on the top of the foot which slowly releases a medical grade mineral oil USP (United States Pharmaceutical) to absorb friction and pressure and the ‘’pinching sensation’’ associated with tightly laced high top foot wear.
– Latex / Silicone Free
– Gel is enriched with vitamin E to promote healing
– Unlike competitive silicone / foam / felt products, the gel will not flatten or lose its shape.
– Clinically proven to help reduce hypertrophic / keloid and keratotic scar tissue
– The only product capable of absorbing horizontal shearing
– Dermatologist tested – hypoallergenic
– Washable & reusable


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