M/K Phantom Revolution Figure Skate Blades


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Product Description

The Phantom is side honed, tapered and specifically designed for today’s exacting freestyle techniques. No other blade can match its legendary performance. Side honed, tapered, carbon fibre technology and designed to a winning freestyle formula – the Phantom Revolution sits at the very top of the MK blade range and for very good reasons. Our lightweight, resilient carbon composite technology provides greater precision, control and, of course, height. So cushioned landings are integrated too.


Carbon Composite

Using carbon composite technology ensures blades are oh-so light and ultra tough too.

Cushion Flex

Unique shock absorbing cantilever design cushions big landings to keep you jumping again and again.


When your blade’s lighter, you can jump higher and take off easier.

  • Rocker: 7′
  • Radius of Hollow: 7/16″
  • Blade Style: Tapered (Side Honed)
  • Measured in 1/4″ increments

Available Sizes

  • Revolution           7″ – 12″


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