Gold Medal Services

Blade Mounting

blade aligment

Having properly mounted blades is an essential element for any skater regardless of skill level. We take into account such important details as boot twisting, blades being mounted at an angle to their plates and slightly uneven soles to mount blades as precisely in center as possible.

Key Benefits include:

  • Better edge control
  • Easier spinning and take-off on edge jumps
  • Less strain on the knee, hips and back

Boot Rebuilding

Rebuilding is provided to extend the life of a pair of skates for a limited time. It is generally used by skaters whose skates have broken down at an inconvenient time in the competitive season.Boot rebuilding is done by opening up the sides of a boot and replacing the stiffeners with new ones – either of a leather-board or synthetic material (depending on the requirements of the skater).

Key Benefits include:

  • (Limited) skate longevity
  • Custom strengthening, padding etc.
  • Increased durability


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Skaters Edge provides precision sharpening guaranteed to maximize the life of a skate blade and designed to help skaters of all levels. We make sure that edges are level, and with the use of our custom template ensure that a blade’s curve/rocker is profiled to make all skating skills easier. This is also beneficial to skaters of all levels because it ensures that the roll to the toe is consistent and the “sweet spot” or spinning spot is positioned for rotation speed and control.

“Our precision sharpening is unmatched.”